• Attributed $20 m of economic benefit from surfing Straddie alone
    Dr Neil Lazarow's study
  • Vistors come from everywhere to experience the beauty.
  • The best inshore diving location in Australia.
  • CST Experts: Prohibitive environmental economic and social issues.

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Why Cruise Ships will never Dock on Gold Coast

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SOSA's Ugly Detractors

SOSA's Ugly Detractors

  • Nov 22, 2018

No CST Petiton largest in Qld history


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Spit features in Australias Top 20 beaches

No to ASF China Casino

Reachtel Poll 2017

"Do you support or oppose giving public land at The Spit to the Chinese-backed ASF Consortium to build five high rise buildings up to fifty storeys, including a casino?"

After the Beattie era when the then proposed CST was dismissed due to costs; environmental and navigational viability problems; and mass community opposition, SOSA evolved into a research-based organisation to dismiss the myths propagated by those attempting to gain public open space for vested interests. Thanks to our loyal supporters, our research continues to be of the highest quality.

Dr Steve Gration SOSA president Dr Steve Gration
President, Save Our Spit - Our History

Wavebreak Island

Seaway Wavebreak Is North Wall
Image supplied with permission instagram @stellar_reflections

Beach Erosion 2022

Following the cyclone damage of 1967, the Delft report recommended an extensive sand nourishment regime across all beaches in volumes large enough to withstand an event similar to that which had occurred. refer Gold Coast Erosion Archives