Messages to the Premier Peter Beattie

These are just some of the messages people have sent to Peter Beattie online

Clear water with plentiful fish, native trees and animals, perfect surf.......... OR concrete with big ships coming through and ruining everything... no amount of money could ever compensate the beautiful spit. SAVE OUR SPIT!

I am a overseas resident of the gold coast. I enjoy surfing, particularly near the spit. It would be a shame if my family and friends who visit me, come to visit a Gold Coast that is run down with pollution. If money was not important, what about the environment?

The Spit is the most important local and natural park and beach to us, as concerned ratepayers, voters, taxpayers, family people, and business persons.
It offers shelter, safety, shade, and access to beaches suitable for young children. It should remain undeveloped past SeaWorld as stated in Councils' 2020 plan.

Spoiling some of the only undeveloped land on the gold coast. there is a cruise ship termanal in Brisbane why turn the seaway into another enviromental tradgedy. as a taxpayer and a surfer I am asking you to please have a consideration for the people who make this country work.

Loss of high value and high use public open space both on land and on the broadwater.
Environmental impact on the broadwater and surrounds. Reduced quality of life for gold coast residents active on the water.
Any politician who supports this has lost my vote.

The environmental impact that this terminal will have, and it will wreck one of South East Queenslands most popular surfing/tourist destinations... we don't want The Gold Coast Seaway/broadwater turning into another Port of Brisbane (dirty water, aesthetically unpleasing, and generally a bad place to be.) Dumping of untreated sewage and bilge water in our coastal waters.

There is enough environmental wreckage and overdevelopment here. People LIVE in this region, not just visit occasionally. Just because the Coast is built on Tourism doesn't mean we don't need our own havens & free access to sand, sea, shore & parks. NO LABOR GVT SHOULD COMMIT SUCH A VENAL TRAVESTY.

The spit is the closest pristine surf spot to Brisbane away from all the high rise. Don't let it go Mr Premier. We already have world class cruise facilities been developed in Brisbane.

The cruise ship terminal will always want to expand in an area that cannot support expansion. The fact that the broadwater and Seaway are silting up now, and further dredging will be an on going expense burdened to the rate payers of the Gold Coast for something they never wanted or asked for to begin with.

Currently, The Spit is being let run down so the developer can attempt to look like a hero for "fixing" it.
EVERYDAY I drive my car through the ruts and broken bitumen as do thousands of others who enjoy this beautiful area and also have had to brave the mess.
The council must realise we are not stupid.

Dear Premier Peter Beattie,... the destruction of the naturally beautiful environment of Doug Jennings Park and South Stradbroke Island forever, in exchange for a pat on the back for some economic success.

I am a 16yr old. Just knowing that I can paddle to Stradbroke on weekends to surf, gets me through a school week as it is my absolute favourite thing to do. Now, Mr Beattie, I would like you to remember what your favourite recreation was at my age and then think what it would be like to have it taken away from you.

That the dredging needed will cause flooding of residents and will change the eco systems in The Broadwater and connecting tributaries. Also it will ruin one of the best surfing breaks in the world as in South Straddie (TOS) which is accessed by paddling the seaway. Surfers come from all over the world to surf there.

Ongoing dredging will not only cost a bomb, it will ruin the Clarity of the seawater....viz Brisbane River. Resultant tides will cause huge erosion.

* The loss of the Gold Coast largest playground
* Our teams and many other training grounds for outriggers, dragon boats, jet ski's etc
* The loss to the marine life, have you ever experience sitting on a boat at 6 just watching dolphins play, come live it, the see if you could bare to loose it!?

The spit is one of the only untouched beaches left on our gold coast! Lets not spoil it for the generations to come! I want my children to be able to enjoy it as I have.

The marine life in the spit will be greatly disturbed. Many firends of ours, particularly from Japan, go to the spit to surf and so forth. Although you and retailers may make money by placng a cruise liners on the gc, it is at the expense of the marine life and the people of the gc

My family have been born and raised on the Gold Coast for four generations. We have seen an abominal change to the beautiful beach that is now unpleasant to visit on due to the wind tunnels and the shadows created by the awful highrises, the spit is the only balance QLD has visually and environmentally.

As an overseas tourist I have visited the spit several times, enjoying the beautiful beach, the good surf and the tranquility. Pollution, loss of surf, loss of recreational space are my main concerns. I would love to be able to visit the Spit again and to find it unchanged. I thank you in advance for your attention.

This existing public area is currently used by a broad section of the community and is highly visible from Southport and the suburb of Labrador. Development of the space will change the appearance of the Broadwater for ever and deprive the community of valuable recreation space.

It is unbeleivable that this is even being considered. This is an amazing area and being a frequent user of the area to walk my dog and Surf I truely believe this would be the worst thing imaginable for the area. The very reason why people visit is what is in question here. Take away this beauty and you've got nothing

We run our tours on the beautiful broadwater surrounding the Spit and Wavebreak Island. We get lots of tourists spending their holiday on the Gold Coast that are amazed at such a natural environment being so close Surfers Paradise. This is a precious asset to the Gold Coast & should be kept in its natural state.

Having been aground 50 metres from the wharf in Puerto Plata harbour in the Carribean in a small cruise ship (29,000 tons), I cannot imagine how the large cruise ships will manoevre in the Seaway. Also for at least 6 months of the year the south easterlies will discourage ships captains from entering the Seaway.

Mr Beattie, You say that if "the numbers don't stack up" the plan for a cruise ship terminal at the spit will not go ahead. Everyone knows that if you want the numbers to stack up they will. We, the people of the Gold Coast DON'T want a cruise ship terminal at the spit. WE NEED MORE OPEN SPACE - NOT DEVELOPMENT!!!

that we are meant to be the SMART state according to the state goverment. This wouldn't be a very smart thing to do. A terminal is being developed at Pinkenba Wharf and P & O offer day trips to the Gold Coast so we benefit from tourism that way. The Gold Coast is unique keep it that way Mr Beattie or your out!
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