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June 2022 - Council Approves Beach Bar Trial

In our article Foreign company given our beach for free we outline the issues surrounding unprecedented access to Gold Coast beaches to a select company to sell alcohol.

Gold Coast Bulletin article "Council Approves Bar Trial"

"Only councillors Brooke Patterson, Peter Young, Bob La Castra and Daphne McDonald, at a full council meeting at Evindale Chamber on Tuesday, voted against the recommendation"

Cr Brooke Patterson:

"Planning changes allowing a future bar applicant to make a 'material change of use' for the site."


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Many Gold Coasters are shocked to hear our new Mayor say '...the question is not if there will be a cruise ship terminal - but where' and to hear a foreign developer describe our Broadwater as a 'wasteland'.

SOSA does NOT accept these propositions - & we hope you don't either. In 2005, 38,000 Gold Coasters signed petitions against a ship terminal in The Spit or in the Broadwater. Nothing has changed - we are all still here... & some. It seems some people have forgotten...


Mayor Councillor Tom Tate


Councillors Supporting a Cruise Terminal
From GCB 5-Oct-2012

Councillors supporting a casino on Wavebreak Island
Councillors Supporting a Casino on Wavebreak Island vote 20th Aug 2013

Deputy Mayor Councillor Donna Gates

Councillor William Owen-Jones

Councillor Cameron Caldwell

Councillor Margaret Grummitt

Councillor Tracey Gilmore

Councillor Dawn Crichlow OAM

Councillor A. J. D. (Lex) Bell OAM, LLM

Councillor Robert La Castra

Councillor Glenn Tozer

Councillor Paul Taylor

Councillor Jan Grew GAICD, MFT (Bond)

Councillor Greg Betts

Councillor Daphne McDonald

Councillor Chris Robbins

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