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Greek Shipping Tragedy

After nearly steamrolling the Shipping Terminal into our waters the view of a listing Cruise Ship brings home the reality that we nearly risked our coastline.

Two French tourists are missing after 1,600 passengers and crew, including 15 Australians, abandoned a Greek cruise ship that ran aground and sank near the Greek island of Santorini.

The Greek-flagged cruise ship, the Sea Diamond, listed dangerously after hitting a reef half a nautical mile offshore as it was preparing to dock at the island on Thursday, prompting a major evacuation effort.

The 400-strong crew used boats and ladders to evacuate the passengers, assisted by a flotilla of vessels from the island, other cruise ships and Greek navy and airforce helicopters.
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This page serves to remind us what may have been and the losers would have been the general public who now enjoy the spit.

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