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Save Our Spit

Gold Coast Cruise Ship Terminal - Mayor Tom Tate


Save Our Spit Alliance is a not-for profit community alliance of Gold Coasters committed to preserving the Gold Coast Spit & the Broadwater both now and for future generations.

Classic Quotes

Mayor Tate to our Surfing Community on ABC 730~

"...I haven't seen the $20M claim...that that's what the break [TOS] bring[s] in... I thought surfing in that section was free?

I just want to point out to the surfers there... umm there's 65 kms of beaches here on the Gold Coast...err... take your pick..."

Surf spots are not interchangeable or substitutable, and certain breaks are specifically responsible for the $3.3B GC surfing industry.
Those spots include Kirra and TOS, on The Spit.

ABC 7.30 Report
See full ABC 730 broadcast Critics say Gold Coast plan for Cruise Ships won't float

36000 Jobs Lie - Tom Tate on ABC Gold Coast Radio

Tom Tate Lies about 36000 jobs

Mayor's Pork Pies in the face of GCCC dismal survey results

Update: Mayor's office at it again!

"MORE than 95 per cent of ratepayers support a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast, according to a city council survey."
GCB 21 Jan 2014
Based on a survey that simply doesn't ask a single question about a Cruise Ship Terminal - what a disgrace! read our Facebook analysis

Tom Tate Pork Pies
Hear Tom's desperate claim here - on NBN Nine News

You can be the best surfer, diver, artist, I'm happy for you, but I will be listening to the people that matter ... It's more of an issue for high-profile people like the CEO of a cruise ship company ... they're the high-profile people I'm worried about ... Every Mick Fanning that comes out, I can find a high-profile surfer to say it's a fantastic idea

[GCB 19-Sep-2012]
How many Mick Fannings do you think we have Mr Mayor?
We'd love to see you find any, ANY high profile surfer that would even remotely sit on the fence with your plans Mr Mayor.
BTW - surfers of the calibre of Mick Fanning understand the ocean, it's how they become multiple world champions.

RE Bob Ell's proposal for a Cruise Ship Terminal at Tugun

"I thought I was visionary... but he [Bob Els] trumped me on this one..."[ABC Radio see below]

Tate on Tour @ The Grand Canyon ~

"That's a bloody big hole.
Any man with an ego should come here if they want to feel insignificant."[GCB]

Quote recorded by Shannon Willoughby, GC Bulletin who accompanied him on his frequently-referred-to quote 'self-funded fact finding trip' to the US.

"...Huge level of support for a ship terminal..." says Mr Tate and GCB.

Commenting upon GCB so-called "ultimate" survey which received only 1865 respondents, which represented 0.1% of GC population.
In 2006, 38,000 people petitioned state Parliament opposing a ship terminal The Spit & the Broadwater.

"Progress on a cruise ship terminal has been similarly fast -Cr Tate last week secured support from a [GCCC] major projects committee ... to investigate the feasibility of a terminal at The Spit..."[GCB]

"I want to see something built and drive past it and say: Hey, I got it done."

[GCB 18 June 2012 page 6] Is this really the main reason why we need a ship terminal on the GC?

"The surfing community aren't happy about the cruise ship terminal because it will lose them some of the surf break," Mr Tate said.

"My strongest support is the conservative ranks, business people."

"It is no surprise that environment groups are in favour of things like wind energy given they are full of wind"

Gold Coast Sun - THU 16 AUG 2012 Page 011

Tom claims only 800 at rally

Gold Coast Sun - WED 6 FEB 2013 [in reply to comments from Elizabeth Sharp and Jeanne Taylor]

Classic Audio

Mayor Tom Tate on his 'three Cs': culture, casinos and a cruise ship terminal
23 July 2012 , 2:36 PM by nicole dyer

Does Tom Have a Mandate?

Tom Tate has no Mandate

Great Cartoon - Gold Coast Bulletin 1-10-2012

Tom Tate Arrogance

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Tom Tate our own weapon of mass destruction

Mick Fanning Supports Save Our Spit"Tom Tate the mayor for the Gold Coast is proposing the construction of a cruise ship terminal that would gut The Spit causing have mass impact to the marine life, waves and lifestyle on the Gold Coast. Learn more and join the protest at

Mick Fanning 2x surfing world champion and Straddie fan

Kelly Slater Supports Save Our Spit

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